The Ronin 802 firmware is a reconfigurable modular synthesis engine created for the dsPIC33FJ128GP802 by Microchip.

You can burn firmware to the Ronin’s dsPIC33FJ128GP802 chip using a PICkit™2 or equivalent hardware programmer. The Ronin has an ICSP header for programming, but it cannot be powered via this connection. You must power the Ronin separately, the easiest way to do this is by connecting the Ronin 802 shield to an Arduino that is powered by regular means. This is done to protect the Ronin and Arduino from having multiple power inputs connected – which may permanently damage one or both of the devices. For more information on powering the Ronin shield please see the Tutorials page

Download the latest version of the Ronin802 firmware in *.hex format

For information on how to burn the *.hex file to your dsPIC33FJ128GP802, please see our Tutorials page.

To download the firmware development files, please go to our Sourceforge page.

The development files include project files for editing the firmware using Microchip’s multi platform IDE MPLAB X. The files also include a session for editing the firmware using Anjuta Integrated Development Environment. Development requires MPLAB C30 Lite Compiler for dsPIC DSCs and PIC24 MCUs.

Current Firmware Features

5 different waveforms:

  • Sine wave
  • Saw-tooth wave (both directions)
  • Triangle wave
  • Square Wave
  • Noise generator

6 different modulation types:

  • AM Ring modulator
  • Mono addition
  • FM modulation
  • Single source wave 1
  • Single source wave 2
  • Stereo output of wave 1 and 2

Multiple sound manipulation modules:

  • Balance/pan
  • Volume
  • Pulse-width gate
  • Single-shot with ADSR envelope and polyphony

Multiple input systems:

  • 6 analogue inputs
  • 5 digital inputs
  • SPI interface
  • 2 signal generator inputs
  • Inputs can be tied to any part of the system to change any aspect of the generated sound

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